Mysore Paints & Varnish Ltd., was established during 1937 by Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, Then the Maharaja of Mysore province under the nomenclature “Mysore Lac & Paint Works Ltd”. During 1989,it was renamed as “Mysore Paints & Varnish Ltd.,”.

Indelible Ink is popularly known as Voter's Ink to mark on voters finger during elections to avoid fraudulent, multiple voting & malpractices.MPVL Indelible Ink has proved over 4.5 billion voters both in India and across the world            
Polyester Putty, Surfacer Primer, Finish Coat, Hardener for Paint & Primer and P.U. Thinner
Epoxy, Aluminum, Anti Corrosive, Chlorub  and Chemical Resistant Paints
Road Marking Paint, Varnish, Sealing Wax, BSC Ink, Stiff Paste and Wood Polish (Alcoholic)